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20 Modern Sales Management Hacks
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Sometimes communicating effectively and communicating efficiently are one and the same. When reps can quickly get valuable face time with prospects using video conferences, their ability to build rapport and close deals increases dramatically.

Zoom has evolved to offer more than just video conferencing, though. The platform is also effective for online meetings with remote or distributed teams, chat, mobile communications for reps who are on the road, and even webinars.

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While marketed as a partner sales acceleration platform, Allbound offers a lot more in many areas. You can use it to organize and manage all your sales and marketing content — from campaigns to training modules — in just one lively place. Your reseller reps can use it to create hyper-personalized landing pages for each prospect, hiking the quality and outcome of each engagement. Keep your sales team sharp with top-notch training and coaching resources to hike productivity and outsell competition.

Use BrainShark to create on-demand training tracks that quicken their learning journey every step of the way — from onboarding to leadership. ClearSlide is a full-stack sales engagement service covering content management, analytics and smart messaging. Use ClearSlide to ramp up the quality and impact of your emails, conferences, presentations, and other engagements.

Persuade your customers and prospects with the most compelling content.

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Sales managers need to spend time working on their team as well as working in it. and varied set of competencies that underpin modern sales management. The Art of Modern Sales Management is a must read for any global sales leader. It's practical, relevant, and grounded in the experience of seasoned sales.

Motivate and train your team with the most effective and inspirational learning modules. Conga streamlines your contract management process, freeing up more valuable time for direct customer engagement. Re-imagine the way your team handles reports, contracts, and other documents. The way you communicate your brand and articulate the benefits of your product matter.

But so does the behavioral state of your target audience at the moment of engagement. DemoChimp provides insight on how your prospect perceives or responds to your messaging so you can align the conversation appropriately even before you engage a lead. More than this, DemoChimp lets you deliver personalized videos and documents that are highly relevant to your audience.

Equip your sales team with a centralized content management, tracking, and presentation solution designed specifically for sales professionals. Providing an on-demand and always up-to-date content library, DocSend enables your team to engage clients more effectively. By initiating the right conversation at the right time with the right prospects, DocSend helps your team to close more deals faster. Content is king — in sales as much as in marketing. The right stories can move your prospects to take your desired action.

Sales Productivity Best Practices: 5 Tips for the Modern Sales Managers

The right visuals can trigger a positive buying decision. Top-of-the-line learning modules can turn newly-hired reps into unstoppable selling machines. Docurated uses analytics, advanced search algorithms, tagging, machine learning, custom content development, and automations to make it easier for all stakeholders in your sales process to experience the perfect content for every type of situation or engagement. Deliver the impact of account-based content marketing to your sales operations. Enable your sales team to deploy account-specific content and execute campaigns designed for maximum conversion rate for the targeted account.

1. Good at Social Selling

Aviso Make decisions, execute strategies, and drive performance based on data-driven intelligence. For frontline sales professionals, engaging prospects within a stable and supportive channel is a crucial requirement for successful outcomes. Use it to boost inbound sales and nurture relationships with existing accounts. Use InsightSquared to quicken the pace at which actionable intelligence — such as historical trends and predictive outcomes — can be gleaned from your CRM. SalesWings is a handy tool for monitoring and gauging how your leads respond to your current messaging.

Leverage native analytics and behavioral triggers to nurture leads across the buyer journey. Knowledge is power, but only if you have the right one at the right time. Guru makes everyone on the team smarter by equipping them with relevant knowledge and resources they need at any point of the sales process. Highspot uses AI and machine learning to manage and deliver content for each unique engagement scenario. Use Highspot to keep sales reps sharp with the right training modules. Implement well-designed playbooks and delight customers with compelling content via email, landing pages or online presentations.

Enable sales managers, teams and customers to discover and act on relevant information or insight. Integrate Highspot into Salesforce and gain real-time data on how prospects and leads respond to your messaging. The quality of your content significantly impact the buying behavior of your prospects, but the manner in which it is delivered also matters.

Instead of engaging prospects and closing deals, they spend a big chunk of the day doing paperwork and administrative tasks.

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PandaDoc streamlines your content and documentation workflows using automation, analytics and collaboration. Build, present, edit, track and manage all your documents including contracts and marketing content in one lively place. Prezi is a formidable alternative to presentation titans PowerPoint and Keynote. Its enterprise variant, Prezi Business uses HTML5 technology and robust collaboration features to compel your audience with adept visual storytelling across multiple devices.

It also comes with live leaderboard analytics, commenting support, and powerful design customization features. The best pitch you have is the long list of satisfied customers in your corner.

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RO Innovation helps your team tap the power of customer feedback and other sales enablement assets to propel win rates and hike revenue. Integrate RO Innovation with your CRM and other sales tools to give prospects quick access to relevant customer reference and success stories of existing clients. But even the most efficient salespeople can waste time searching for the right content to send to prospects at the right time.

Seismic is an enterprise-grade sales enablement platform. Among its many capabilities, it shines as a content management system that provides up-to-date versioning, predictive content recommendations for each deal, and analytics to show reps which content makes the most impact. Get the most from your content by making it more accessible, measurable, relevant, and powerful. Showpad enables your team and your customers to find, share, or present the perfect content for every situation.

Ramp up sales performance by engaging and inspiring customers with better, action-inducing conversations. When words and static images prove inadequate, use videos to get prospects focused on your message.

Characteristics of Modern Sales Professionals

Purpose-built for selling, Videolicious enables marketers and sales professionals to quickly and easily create, edit and share compelling videos with customers at any point in the pipeline. Unlock new opportunities by igniting interest among existing accounts. Images can sometimes drive the message home a lot better than words. Use Vidyard to strategically deploy videos in your sales process.

The Complete List of Sales Skills & Traits (Over 30+ Examples)

When you get to inform, educate and delight leads better, you also get a better shot at closing deals and increasing revenue. Few things can beat the sense of accomplishment at getting a big and challenging prospect to buy your product.

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In most cases though, verbal confirmation hardly counts until the new client actually signs a contract. Good thing contract management services like Adobe Sign are there to facilitate the binding agreement between your business and a new customer. Use Adobe Sign to create, transmit, sign, and manage forms, agreements and contracts anytime, anywhere and on any device.

A free and easy to use cloud-based contract management service, Concord helps individuals and companies create, negotiate, sign and manage contracts. Concord offers unlimited online contract storage and has decent collaboration and document tracking features. Contracts evolve over time. Signatories from different parties typically would want to mutually modify the terms of agreement amid changes in their relationships or in conditions relevant to the contract. DocuSign makes this back and forth collaboration easier and faster to conduct and complete. The service also integrates well with most CRMs and other business solutions.

GetAccept automates your deal signing process by combining document tracking, e-signing, and automated email follow-ups into a single platform. Similar to marketing automation tools, the service comes with a clean dashboard that lets you see how deals are progressing across your business and which actions you need to take to accelerate the process. The service is free for individuals and comes at comparatively affordable prices for small to enterprise-scale businesses. HelloSign takes all your paperwork into the cloud via a simple, clean and intuitive UI. You can get it customized based on your workflow and integrated with your CRM, email platform and other business software.

Proposify makes it easy to manage sales documents of all kinds: proposals, quotes, and contracts. Reps can build documents using templates, easily dropping in customized images, snippets of text, and numbers. Proposify also lets salespeople communicate with buyers on the details of each item directly within the documents, to make review and revisions a breeze. Qvidian is a proposal automation solution that significantly cuts the time it takes for customers to create an RFP, for your team to submit a winning proposal, and for everyone to sign an agreement.

Organize all your content in a single accessible library. SpringCM automates your document cycle, establishing a high degree of control, visibility, and security for your contracts, presentations, and other content. Simplify your documentation process creation, review, tracking, sign-off, storage, compliance, etc. Agile CRM is a powerful tool for any small business struggling to manage the time and resources necessary to build effective sales and marketing processes. Featuring easy integration with the most popular email platforms, support and customer service software, phone and conference bridges, billing plugins, social media networks, and more Agile leverages the tools you need on one easy-to-use platform.

Built specifically for small businesses, Agile offers effective solutions for sales, marketing, and process automation, as well as customer support, contact management, and even project management.