Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols

Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols
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In this second edition of a widely appreciated work, Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols, a panel of internationally recognized investigators presents their best methods for studying G-protein-coupled receptors GPCRs and events immediately downstream of their activation.

This new edition combines updates of key chapters from the first edition with a large number of new contributions on the many successful methodologies that have emerged more recently. The methods are focused primarily on events at the receptor level, including ligand binding, on the genetic manipulation of receptors, the generation of model cell lines in which to study them, and the interaction and activation of G-proteins.

Signal transduction pathway - G protein signaling pathway

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Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book As our understanding of G protein-coupled receptor GPCR signal transduction continues to grow, we cannot help but be struck by the emerging complexity and the ability of this receptor superfamily to continually surprise us as new facets are discovered.

The superfamily of GPCRs have diverse biological roles, transducing signals from a range of stimuli, from photon recognition by opsins to neurotransmitter regulation of neuronal function. As an initial step toward drug discovery, determining a biological function for these newly identified receptors is of vital importance, and thus identification of a natural ligand s is a primary aim.

There are several established methods for doing this, but many have drawbacks and usually require some in-depth knowledge about how the receptor functions.

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The conformation of the residues to from ICL 3, which are not critical to receptor function [ 33 ], were modelled with help of the loop modeling program SuperLooper [ 34 ]. Om boka. Carlsson, J. Rominger, D. Buy Softcover.