The Unfinished Canadian: The People We Are

Health Lifestyles in the U.S. and Canada: Are We Really So Different?
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It has commissioned no surveys, though it occasionally draws on them. Nor does it present a statistical portrait of Canada, much as statistics are sometimes useful, too. This is a mix of reportage and reflection. In our worst times, such as the referendum of , they believe that Canada is a failure and bet on it. In their world Quebec is always leaving, the dollar is always falling, crime is always rising, and the future is always fading.

It is a view of the country that has inspired books called The End of Canada and Breakup. Then again, how many other nations have spent their lives asking themselves: Will we survive? Today, on the th anniversary of Confederation, our challenge is to be frank about our country and our prospects. Too often we avoid what is uncomfortable or unattractive about ourselves. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Emblem Editions, Condition: Brand New.

Unfinished masterpiece

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Andrew Cohen. Publisher: Emblem Editions , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. And, after this tournament, what about the next Olympics? That next World Cup? His stickhandling videos have earned millions of YouTube views.

Now, year-old Aito Iguchi has his sights set on a bigger goal — making it to the NHL and inspiring a nation. In his second year of junior hockey, Kelly Serbu noticed some issues with his eyes. He kept right on playing, though, even as he went blind. Sign In. Premier League.

Institute for Research on Public Policy

Winter, Saskatchewan, is a real place, first settled in It has granted home rule and control over mineral rights to some of its indigenous Indians. This prudence is interesting and in sharp contrast to other costly moves to change national symbols. Harry plainly had not lost his fortune, since he settled in some style. The founding president of The Historica-Dominion Institute, he is a professor of journalism and international affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa.

CDN Premier League. Champions League.

The unfinished task of church planting among French Canadians.

La Liga. Ligue 1. Serie A. By Stephen Brunt in Toronto. Leading the most talented Canadian roster ever after two decades of battling for her country, Christine Sinclair's to-do list for the Women's World Cup is hard to top. Still in her prime, Sinclair has already secured her spot on Canada's athletic Mount Rushmore. We do need a Commission of Inquiry to ensure that the next time our troops are on the battlefield, we are confident that we have an approach to the handling of prisoners that will not force them into complicity in torture. In the three years I spent in Afghanistan, I produced three annual human rights reports; all included descriptions of torture that was occurring in the country at the hands of Afghan officials.

Then, after resigning from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade DFAIT in , I was contracted for pre-deployment readiness exercises for military commanders and their headquarter staff destined for Kandahar. During these exercises, I saw that the military improved upon the transfer procedures and diligently followed the standing order on detainees during training. It was clear a DFAIT policy advisor was to be informed on detainees and was expected to report to the department. Richard Colvin — the foreign service officer who helped bring the detainee issue to light — had spoken frankly when he appeared before the committee in He was shamefully maligned by the government in the House of Commons.

I agreed to speak to the CBC in March in support of him.

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Following the airing of the CBC interview, I was also called to the committee. It quickly became apparent that committee proceedings were more about attributing blame than assessing whether or not Canada had complied with international law. I was repeatedly asked if the foreign affairs minister during my time in Afghanistan then a Liberal had seen my reports. Certainly embassy reporting on torture gained the attention of senior officials.

Is it not their responsibility to inform the minister? Before initiating a new public inquiry, perhaps an internal inquiry of the relevant government departments, starting with DFAIT now Global Affairs Canada , would establish accountability and help to ensure that due process is followed in future. And it is doubtful an International Criminal Court ICC decision to investigate war crimes will have a bearing on the Canadian experience. It is shocking that after a year, Justin Trudeau has not responded to a letter signed by over 40 prominent Canadians urging a Commission of Inquiry relating to the transfer of detainees.

Why not?

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What has changed from the time they were an opposition party and voted in favour of such a public inquiry? I believe that still to be the overriding reason we cannot expect to hear more on the Afghan detainee case. That is not to say I believe the issue should be swept under the carpet without, at the very least, an internal audit of the legal bureaus of foreign affairs, defence and justice. In my contribution to this discussion of a Commission of Inquiry on Afghan detainees, I refer the reader to House of Commons electronic petition e , which I initiated, for a citation of the general reasons an inquiry is needed.

Having sketched out the need for an inquiry, my purpose here is simply to list 10 of the reasons why an inquiry is unlikely under the present Trudeau government. Trudeau has not even replied to the Joe Clark letter, a full year later. In the House of Commons, he and Sajjan have turned to characterizing various processes as having investigated and got to the truth, a claim that is palpably untrue.

Doubling down has turned into a political problem if they back down now: losing face. Canadians have already learned that the Trudeau government is not wedded to pre-electoral commitments. So, it basically means zero that the Liberals voted for a Dec. But why are they resisting? The standard view is the Liberals are circling the same wagons as the Harper Conservatives because it was under the pre-Harper Liberal government that a completely inadequate transfer arrangement with Afghanistan was negotiated in Which brings us to civil servants, existing and retired.

Yes, there are civil servants who want to see the truth come out because of what they witnessed or suspect. The alliance with the U.

When Did Canada Become a Country?

Generally speaking, the Pentagon and the CIA would not want this inquiry because they know that any inquiry would look at the U. The above are the most on-the-surface reasons why you should not hold your breath. Now for reasons that go a little deeper. It may turn out to be even uglier. Any inquiry could get into senior-level contacts between the Office of the Chief of Defence Staff and the Pentagon and whether there was any quid pro quo for convincing the U.

Behind the scenes, it is generally assumed that top Canadian generals were miffed in when Canada did not join the U. This generated extra pressure to make up for this with their American military partner. As a consequence of his decision to deny the call for an inquiry in e, Sajjan has now made himself another reason why Trudeau may feel he cannot afford an inquiry. For a variety of reasons, Trudeau is standing behind Sajjan as minister, and, as such, he likely is under advice that having an inquiry could become a political quagmire.

An inquiry could highlight that Sajjan had no business blocking an inquiry in the first place, precisely because of his central role. In a letter I wrote to him on Sept. The government does not appear to fear pressure from the International Criminal Court, at least not yet.